Create the Perfect Ambiance, Cut Down Utility Costs!

We at Circuit Side Solutions offer a full range of lighting control services to help you upgrade the overall look and feel of your home or commercial space.
Having the right lighting options not only creates the perfect ambiance but also reduces electricity consumption and helps bring out the best features of your beautiful home. A centrally-controlled, automated lighting system allows you to appropriately light each room of your home according to the requirements and time of the day.

Energy Efficient

While new lighting technology can cut energy costs by up to 80%, better control of your lights can cut expenses by 30–50% and dramatically reduce carbon emissions at the same time.

Lighting control systems make it possible to monitor electricity output more effectively. Entire sections can be plotted according to use, while consumption and billing management is made far easier. It also facilitates the automatic reporting of faults and the elimination of energy wastage in vacant spaces.

Lighting Scenes

The improved use of light in a house, place of business, or place of leisure is arguably one of the most well-known advantages of lighting control systems. The lighting can be set depending on the time of day or year (perfect for those familiar with the lows of Seasonal Affective Disorder), the social event, or even just the needs of the occupant.

Systems can be programmed to turn on at specific times in residential settings, making it possible for someone who works late to go through the house without waking up the other occupants. Lighting control systems can also be used for homes or businesses planning to host social events, focusing on specific areas, such as the dining table.

Switches, Dimmers & Keypad Styles

Wall plates, dimmers, and controllers from Lutron and Control4 are available in a range of colors and designs to match the aesthetics of your project. Lutron and C4 offer solutions that complement the style of your room, from traditional to contemporary.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting, also known as general lighting, is meant to create a consistent light level across a space, irrespective of any particular lighting that may be required in certain regions of a room. In most household settings, ambient lighting illuminates a place when a person enters and turns on a switch. There are many types of ambient lighting, such as wall sconces, floor lamps, recessed lighting that shines light downward, cove, soffit, and valance lighting that reflects light off walls and ceilings.

Task Lighting

Task lighting, which is concentrated on a specific region of the space, is meant to illuminate a particular activity. Task lighting is necessary for sections of the home, such as the kitchen countertops, where food will be made; the seating areas in the living room, where reading will be done; and the desk surfaces in the home office, where paperwork will be completed. For reading purposes, task lighting in a living room is sometimes provided by a table lamp.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting, also known as spotlighting, draws attention to a specific item, such as artwork, a sculpture, a plant, or a set of bookcases. Accent lighting is frequently utilized with recessed or track lighting. These types of lighting include adjustable fittings that enable light to be focused accurately, even on little objects.

Landscape Lighting

When it comes to enhancing the exterior of your home at night, landscape lighting is the best option. Choosing the appropriate fittings for each designated area of your application is crucial. Color, beam width, and brightness levels can be adjusted for accent, flood, and in-ground landscape lighting fixtures.

Here at Circuit Side Solutions, we work with you to create a unique, practical design that showcases your home in its best light at night. In addition to offering a large variety of lighting fixtures and lighting control options, we can create a blueprint for your particular project.

Architectural Lighting

Numerous outdoor lighting options fall under the design wing of this lighting category. Depending on the function of each specific location, architectural lighting can be used for a variety of important purposes, ranging from attracting new business to a city to entertaining guests in the garden.

When a structure has a variety of distinct angles and textures, such as a mix of roofs and awnings, or bricks and siding, the appropriate architectural lighting may maintain the building's overall style while showcasing how one texture works in harmony with the others. Light can define a place physically and artistically, and how it does so depend on the size, shape, style, and texture of each surface it interacts with.

Ketra Lighting

Ketra is made to replicate the dynamic patterns of sunlight indoors. Ketra emits light that ranges from the blue glow of dawn to the golden glow just before dawn, covering a nearly unlimited spectrum of linked color temperatures. To ensure that the lighting always feels natural, the Ketra lighting system may be programmed to dynamically shift in color temperature and intensity throughout the day.

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